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What's your job in Lycania?

Singing and writing most of the lyrics.


Which are your favourite bands?


Nightwish, Seven Spires, Kamelot, Epica

The top three albums of all time?


Nightwish - Century Child
Seven Spires - Gods of Debauchery
Phantasma - The Deviant Hearts


For how long do you make music?

Hard to say. I take singing lessons since 2012.


Your favourite movie or TV series?


Supernatural, Dr. Who, Lord of the Rings, My Neighbor Totoro, To Your Eternity 


Do you have any idols?


Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen, Adrienne Cowan


First CD you bought yourself?


I don't remember exactly. It either was the "Take My Heart" Maxi CD by German pop group Band ohne Namen, or a Sasha album. The 90s...


What do you do when not making music?


Then I'm either out with a horse or dog, read, write, play something (probably Pokémon) or teach German and English. 

Any wise words to conclude this interview?


"Always try to be nice but never fail to be kind." - Dr. Who

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