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Samuel Karres


What's your job in Lycania?

I play the drums.


Which are your favourite bands?

I don't have any favourite bands.

The top three albums of all time?


There is no such thing as a top album of all time. I only listen to single tracks that speak to me, no matter the artist.

For how long do you make music?


I've played the drums for 17 years and gathered experience in all kinds of different genres. 


Your favourite movie or TV series?


Movies: The Shawshank Redemption, Deadpool 1

Series: One Piece, Arcane, Archer


Do you have any idols?


I don't have any particular idols, just a list of people with good character traits. I try to live by my own directive, which includes reliability and timeliness among others.


First CD you bought yourself?


The "Foxy Lady"-single by Jimi Hendrix.


What do you do when not making music?


Reading (only fantasy novels), gaming, playing or preparing Dungeons & Dragons


Any wise words to conclude this interview?


Drums forever! Try to collect experience in as many genres of life as possible to be able to make the best decisions. Also don't get stressed and never lose your calm.

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